N.E.A.C.E. Featured Vendor:
Subscription Services North Inc.

Specialists in 100% Prepaid Telesales

Subscription Services North Inc. specializes in 100% Prepaid telesales calling Active and Former Subscribers. My ability to build and keep a sales team is the key to making more prepaid sales than other telemarketers. My sales presentations are generally written around selling EZ Pay and longer terms which means a higher quality of orders, a higher retention rate, and less work for you.

All of my billing is performance-based, so there are no hourly or set up fees. You will probably find out our cost per order may be a little lower too. Get the most of your valuable leads.A new company with a new caller ID and different methods of calling will penetrate a file better and get you better results.Please give me a test.

Subscription Services North Inc.
24 S. Front St.
Bergenfield, NJ, 07621


Peter Benton


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